Saturday, October 27, 2007

saturday with blue sky

As you can see below, Mia is indeed alive and well. Well, sort of well. She has a cold again but is holding up pretty well. I have been ridiculously short on sleep and working on my regular work plus a bunch of crazy freelance design crap every free moment I have. I just realized that a supplement of sorts my doctor prescribed has been screwing with my sleep at the current dose as well as giving me otherwise unexplained anxiety. Figuring out the source of my state or really a contributor to my state is so very helpful. At least I don’t have to question why I am obsessed with deadlines and a clean house 24/7. Sleep was a tad better last night and the kids’ colds are abating once again. A good friend helped me realize that it has been weeks since I did anything for myself at all, including taking a nap or watching a little tv or, well, anything. So yesterday I did less work than I should have (which is not new but I did it on purpose and didn’t care!) and got a massage for my very sore back and took a bath. I am feeling so much sunnier it is amazing. Hopefully there will be some pumpkin carving this afternoon and maybe, just maybe, I will go buy a new computer (employer paying) today.

So, that’s where I’ve been. Fine but not great but getting better and continuing that trend I hope. Not so exciting but that’s what I’ve got. I can’t leave you without a little Henry anecdote or two though. This morning he took a band-aid off of his cut finger and exclaimed, “look! my body healed myself!” Later, as I was cooking the pancakes we had just made, he was wandering around the dining room and asked with the same exasperated tone that he might use to ask why we can’t go outside now (or, now, now, now as is more common), “mommy, why is the world so beautiful? Why!?”

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Anonymous Kristi said...

That is a really profound thing to ask, isn't it? Amazing.

10/29/2007 5:15 PM  

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