Friday, January 26, 2007

bits and pieces

I just don’t have the will to post lately. Life is moving along just fine but I often find myself wishing that the winter would move by a little quicker and that the countdown to baby were a little shorter. All in due time I suppose but I am looking forward to better sleep (I know, ha ha, but I actually prefer bleary baby feeding waking to peeing 7 times a night and fucked up dreams) and less food restrictions. I either have a bladder infection (will know in a few days) or yet another food is causing irritation and I can’t figure out what it is. If it’s wheat (suspected) I am going top be very sad but I suppose anything is better than the current discomfort. Too much information, I know. Just be thankful I’m not sharing any number of other pregnancy grievances with you. On the plus side in that department, the baby is insanely active and seems to be in a position (head down and really super low) that the midwife is thrilled with.

Work if fine but I still have three fairly major projects/products to complete in the next couple of months in addition to the daily crap and I am running out of steam. I just cut back my in office hours, which is an improvement personally but I am napping and screwing around in the afternoons instead of working so the projects are not getting any closer to completion anytime fast.

This morning Henry woke up early and sort of grumpy and Jason got up with him so I could sleep in a bit. Instead of sleeping I ended up overhearing an hour of foreshadowing of what their interaction during Henry’s preteen years it could be like. It wouldn’t be fair to say any more except, oh god, no thanks, hell no, no way.

Aside from a few minor issues Henry is great lately. Today he and I went on a walk, during which he was very quiet. At one point I said, “it sure is cold out here isn’t it?” To which he replied, “hey mommy. He haw. Yippie yay!” He’s taken to apologizing when he’s mistaken about something lately and I find it hilarious. He pointed out an “eagle bird” today and I mentioned (not really correcting him as much as neutrally observing) that it looked like it might be a seagull. To which he typically replied, “oh, yeah. Sorry mommy. Seagull! Ha!” He also praised me three times with, “oh. terrific, mommy!” when I counted spoons as he requested, bounced a yo yo like toy as he directed, and then when I served him his dinner. This kid cracks be up beyond belief.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

if you don't have anything nice to say

I’m thinking I haven’t had a bitchy pregnant lady rant for awhile so here goes. I really wish people would stop remarking about how goddamned huge I am. I am definitely bigger at 6 months (almost) than I was the first time and I appreciate my friends who have been through multiple pregnancies commiserating. I just can’t believe how free random people feel to make remarks. At the beginning of a prenatal yoga class the other night a woman made a point to come up to me after she apparently heard me tell someone (the instructor actually, who is also a friend I haven’t seen in months) I was almost 6 month along. She was so shocked and had to verify because she is also almost 6 months pregnant. She was skinny and didn’t even look pregnant, for the record. She then had the nerve to say oh my god how crazy am I going to get that big?! I wish I had said yep, next week, or something to that effect. What the fuck kind of question is that and why do I even care? Probably because Henry has been sick and I haven't been sleeping much and the world if full of rude bitches. Also, I am working too much and just realizing that I really don’t have much time to cut back my workload and get the breathing room I want in the next few months before life changes completely. Again.

The only positive thing I can think to say is that Jason recovered the majority of the photo files, and although Christmas is so 2006, I will post some of them tonight. If I’m not working or sleeping or sitting on my ass out of reach of my computer, that is.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 it is

I am learning that when I take a break from posting (intentionally or unintentionally) it is really hard for me to get back into it. I keep thinking of things to write but I just don’t do it. So, here’s to breaking the dry spell and getting back to some regular writing. The other issue I am having is that I am spending most of my days in the office in front of my computer and when I get home I am so tired and worn out from it all that I don’t even take my laptop out of my bag many nights. I’ve just committed to some more freelance work though, so I am going to need to get back to it and I’ll need some nighttime procrastination tools, of course, so back to blogging it is.

Christmas was pretty low key and pleasant enough. Henry had a great time and actually didn’t end up with too much new crap. Jason build him a very nice train table that he loves. The only down side is that it takes up about a quarter of the floor space in our living room. It’s worth the entertainment it gives him and keep the trains that were previously on the floor much better contained. I took a few days off work and so did Jason to finish up the new bedroom floor. It looks great and things are finally all finished and cleaned up.

Work is productive and ok but I am back to getting very tired by the end of the day and I am trying to figure out how to cut back. I am not ready to give up the money though so we’ll see how it plays out. I am sick of the cold and the gloom and don’t feel like leaving the house when I don’t have to. The only real downside is missing more trips to the gym than I should. Unfortunately, I think regular exercise is a necessity for by body to handle this pregnancy so the current slacking really isn't going to be an option for long. I just wish every other jackass in the city wasn’t crowding in at the same time I am trying to. The pregnancy is going fine otherwise and this girl kicks like crazy. It is such a reassuring thing but some days she tiring me and my insides out.

So, the silence is broken and I’m not sure it was really worth it but for the exercise. How about some pictures to go with the random ramble?

Well, screw that plan. I tried to download the last 3-weeks worth of photos (Christmas, the floor project, etc.) and apparently they are all corrupt. Jason is working on it but it doesn’t look promising at all. Damn it.

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