Wednesday, March 01, 2006

about me

Sitting down to write about myself I realized that the first sentence really defines how I see myself. Not that first sentence but the one that starts I am a 33 year old ___. It is definitely not my job title. It is not wife. It is not any particular hobby or skill. My first inclination was to insert mother but what would it have been three years ago before I was a mother? Honestly I don’t know. Of course I could just say woman and move on but that would be too easy. I am generally not one who goes for easy. I do, however, generally know what I like and don’t like. Maybe that’s me in a nutshell- a 32 year old female in search of who I am and what I want to define me. I like to think I can do better than that but if I ever hope to finish this I should just let it go for now. I am also not one to let things go.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband of 9 years (together 13), Jason, my 4-year-old son, Henry and my almost 2-year-old daughter, Mia. I work almost full-time for a small non-profit related to community involvement in land planning. We do good work and I have a lot of influence within the organization (I am a cofounder) but I have little passion for it. This is somewhat of a problem for me but it is currently so convenient and flexible that I can’t give it up just yet. Having children has made me a far better person (no, really) but I still feel overwhelmed many days, particularly now that there are two of them and only one of me. My husband is a great father, particularly to babies, and a sweet, goofy, loving partner. He is ridiculously handy. He also drives me insane sometimes. Seeing a trend? Yes, I am a little on edge and a little melodramatic but working on this every day.

I majored in art at a small classical liberal arts college and still consider myself an artist but lately art for art’s sake has taken a backseat to working on my house, doing a myriad of crafty projects, graphic design work (for freelance clients), and cooking. Everything in my life has taken a backseat to having babies and taking care of them I suppose but time is short and the years are already flying by so I don’t mind too much. I am finding myself in the process and know that I will find passion beyond my family and friends at some point. I just don’t know when.

This blog is mostly an outlet for tales of mommy woes and joys because that’s what is often at the forefront of my thinking and it’s easy to write about. However, I think of this as a place for me to write about my experiences and thoughts and feelings about whatever seems relevant in the moment and I am going to try to remember that even if it is a bit more work to get it down at the end of a long day.