Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 days?

How in the world have 3 weeks passed since I wrote anything here? I will blame facebook. I never planned to sign up for it but somehow I did and then I discovered that a bunch of people I know were also on it and I got a little sucked in, just a little though. Also, I keep thinking of posts but don't ever get to posting but it feels like I might as well have since I thought about it so much, right? I have a few kid updates to touch on in the next week, like how Mia is working on potty training herself and is doing a great job of it. Insane! And then I think I will dive into another month of posting every day for February. If I can't keep myself posting occasionally then I might as well post a bunch every few months to make up for it. It's a different sort of snapshot I suppose. I'm off to clean the kitchen now and get ready for another busy week. Back soon though!