Sunday, October 29, 2006

monkey love

This is what feels like the obligatory pumpkin patch post (if only I had the energy to dig up the photos). We went out to a local pumpkin farm almost a month ago on a lovely, sunny Saturday morning. It is practically irrelevant by now except for the Henry anecdote that goes with it. Also, I have taken so few photos lately these are the best I have to share. Henry knew what pumpkins were and had been pointing them out on porches, in photos, and at the grocery store. He was excited to go to the “pumpkin farm” and talked about it much of the 20-minute ride out there. Somewhere along the way though the story changed. He started telling us how he wanted to go to the “monkey farm. ooo, ooo, eeee, eeee.” When we arrived, he was happy to wander around the pumpkins and look at chickens. He told everyone we saw for a day or two about the pumpkin farm but every once in a while I would still catch him talking quietly to himself about the “monkey farm. ooo, ooo, eeee, eeee.” I only wish we could have followed through on that one.


Friday, October 27, 2006

expectations beyond my abilities

Most nights and many afternoons before he goes to sleep, I rock with Henry and sing songs to him. It used to be one particular song for months and months and then another evolved with a few little random kids songs thrown in. Then he started requesting songs. Then he started requesting songs and dictating what came next- in particular he loved old macdonald and would specify each new animal before the next verse. Then inanimate objects began to replace the animals. Lately I have been asked to sing songs about bubble wrap, in and out, dogs, honk honk bus, and yellow taxis. I only wish I could remember more of them. I usually give it a try but I’m not that great at making things up. Thankfully he’s not that tough of a critic. Last night things took another turn as he would ask me to sing a song about a nonsense word (mama, sing song wa-bo-ha-kee-nee, or some such). It was kind of fun because I would repeat the word in a stupid song and he would laugh. He got a kick out of changing the words and getting me to repeat them. Tonight was another story though. He was grumpy and kept demanding that I “sing song about man with hat.” I tried but he wasn’t impressed and wouldn’t stop telling me that daddy had sung such a song. How is it that he’s only 2 and I can’t live up to his expectations?


Thursday, October 26, 2006

side of fries with that?

Henry and I were driving home a few evenings ago and we were both hungry and he was grumpy and demanding things as we drove by them. I rattled on about all of the things we were going to do at home, including make burritos. He seemed to like that idea and we kept driving and talking. He was pointing out particular kinds of trucks and cars and busses and taxis and then I heard him say, “oh, yeah. Yummy chicken. 2 burritos and 2 waters, please.” Ordering drive-through burritos happens almost never but whenever we do go through a drive-through, Jason or I pretty much always order 2 waters. All I can wonder is what else he is picking up without us realizing it and it sort of scares me. Ok, more than sort of but, damn, that kid is funny.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

coming clean

When you have big news it seems like there are two (good) ways to blog it. First option is to post right away in "oh my god, I can’t believe this thing just happened" fashion. The second option is to think about it and post a clever/witty/funny/smart entry that reveals whatever the thing is in a clever/witty/funny/smart way. In this case I have opted for option number three, the not good option. That is, something happened and I meant to write about it right away but then as time slipped by and I became more distracted, tired, nervous, preoccupied, and completely unable to think of anything clever or funny, I simply quit posting. Now I just have to come out and say it and get back to writing about the many thoughts that have been bouncing around inside my slightly dull brain lately. In case you hadn’t guess what in the hell I am getting at by now, I am pregnant. Almost 14 weeks now. I hadn’t planned to keep it a secret but there you have it. We are happy for sure but I have not been feeling well. Thanks to my recent entry into my second trimester and some very good acupuncture last week, I have had a good few days and am just hoping to end all hope that the streak continues. More soon.