Monday, June 22, 2009

monday morning

This morning Jason and the kids woke up at the same time, about 45 minutes before he had to get out the door, leaving that precious window for me to get a little more sleep. i really needed it after a night of tossing and turning and insane dreams. Unfortunately, Henry and Mia decided they needed to press their bodies into me and play with cars and sing loudly for the entire 45 minutes. No matter how much I begged, ignored, whined, and threatened they couldn't be persuaded to leave my sides. At one point I was moaning at Henry to give me some space and quiet and he looked straight into my eyes from a few inches away and flatly said, as though I must have been confused, "it's not mother's day."

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Blogger Heather Bea said...

I feel your pain, hope you have gotten some extra sleep since then.

7/03/2009 11:23 PM  

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