Monday, May 21, 2007

but I wanted to say mustard

I have at least three posts floating through my head that I hope to get down in the next couple of days. Posts on birth and babies and siblings. Oh, joy!

For now, I have been noticing how Henry is really into telling people what to do and what he will do lately. Sometimes he is simply describing the situation. For example, “you eating rice. I eating chicken.” Or, “you sitting in the chair. I standing right here.” More entertaining though are his directives. Here are a few from the weekend:

You say yes. I say no.
You dance. I sing. (most often directed at Jason who actually complies more often than not)
You play guitar. I play drums.
You a gorilla. He (to J) a gorilla. She (to M) a gorilla. I am a monkey.
You read a book to me. I sing old McDonald.
You say rock star (to J). You say popsicle (to me). I say mustard.



Anonymous Kristi said...

CUTEness!! He sounds like a wonderful, bright little boy

5/23/2007 12:21 AM  

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