Sunday, February 04, 2007

i guess it goes both ways

In the unsolicited pregnancy comment category, I had a completely different surprise question yesterday. At the grocery store I asked for some help finding polenta. I wouldn’t have thought course ground cornmeal would be so elusive. So, as we were looking, the young woman helping me asked if I was pregnant. I was wearing my old blue wool coat (non-maternity) that barely buttons across my front so I probably did look rather generic blob like. It went something like this.
her: are you pregnant?
me: oh, yes.
her: nice. I thought you just had a really strange body shape.
me: nope.

And yet another little Henry anecdote before I get back to the work that is dragging me down tonight. As I was putting him down in bed and saying goodnight...
Me: I love you. Night night.
H: Yippie-i-o.
Me: (laughing) Good night yippie-i-o boy.
H: Good night e-i e-i-o yippie-i-o mommy.

Contrary to evidence I have been sharing with you, Henry has had minimal exposure to, and little interest in, anything cowboy. He just seems to be taken with the lingo. I guess I can’t blame him.

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Anonymous Kristi said...

I never have enough nerve to ask a woman who I THINK is pregnant if she is, in fact, pregnant. I'm always too worried they'll say "no" and I'd be forced to come up with some comment that would be a sufficient apology. No thanks.

The story about Henry is adorable!

2/10/2007 7:35 PM  

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