Friday, October 27, 2006

expectations beyond my abilities

Most nights and many afternoons before he goes to sleep, I rock with Henry and sing songs to him. It used to be one particular song for months and months and then another evolved with a few little random kids songs thrown in. Then he started requesting songs. Then he started requesting songs and dictating what came next- in particular he loved old macdonald and would specify each new animal before the next verse. Then inanimate objects began to replace the animals. Lately I have been asked to sing songs about bubble wrap, in and out, dogs, honk honk bus, and yellow taxis. I only wish I could remember more of them. I usually give it a try but I’m not that great at making things up. Thankfully he’s not that tough of a critic. Last night things took another turn as he would ask me to sing a song about a nonsense word (mama, sing song wa-bo-ha-kee-nee, or some such). It was kind of fun because I would repeat the word in a stupid song and he would laugh. He got a kick out of changing the words and getting me to repeat them. Tonight was another story though. He was grumpy and kept demanding that I “sing song about man with hat.” I tried but he wasn’t impressed and wouldn’t stop telling me that daddy had sung such a song. How is it that he’s only 2 and I can’t live up to his expectations?



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