Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The blood work went okay. Henry wasn't thrilled in the moment of course but it was fine and I think I did a good job leading up to it and helping him deal with the fact that he didn't like it when it was all over. The tempeh turned out well and made a very nice lunch. We will have a few more meals of it in the freezer but I wish I had made a double batch. I will definitely be working with that more in the future. Henry and I each have a ton of bug bites and itching like crazy. They are from fleas we are guessing although there is no evidence and we have taken swift action that does not seem to have worked. I am driven crazy by our inability to locate the source and uncertainty about how bad we will be covered tomorrow. I suppose only time will tell and I am not pleased about it.

Things feel odd right now. It is a short work week and Henry is off school all week. My coworkers are both dealing with personal things (one mundane and the other very emotional) so we aren't getting done the things I thought we would be this week. The kids are going to stay at my parents' house tomorrow night, which will be a first. I can tell my mom is nervous but I don't think it will be too tough. We won't have a ton of time without them but the chance to sleep past 5:50 am is beyond exciting. It's already past my bedtime now and will be a long day before we get to the hand off tomorrow so I best do what I can to rest up.

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