Sunday, November 23, 2008

slow again

I am feeling a little more under the wether again and off to bed. I had high hopes for productivity around the house tonight but I lost momentum shortly after the kids went to bed. I did get things prepped for growing black eyed pea and barley tempeh tomorrow. I am excited about that but didn't really think through how that was going to work with the nanny's guidance tomorrow since I am supposed to be in the office all day. Maybe it will be her project with Henry. Or maybe I will have to come home early. I think that's likely.

On the interesting bedtime topic of conversation list was tonight's request to list all the animals we could think of that have penises. He pretty much gets what mammals are and contributed warthog to the list at one point. He also threw out trees at one point and when I laughed he said, "no trees aren't mammals their de-swat-uous." I asked if he meant deciduous to which he said yes and oh how he laughed. I swear we are not trying to teach this kid any of this stuff. He has been getting kid's nature magazine subscriptions from his grandparents for years so he picks up random animal facts and he really doesn't watch tv at all. He's just a sponge who is apparently exposed to some strange content.

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