Thursday, November 20, 2008

out of my league

Putting babies to sleep can be a challenge but in spite of the walking, rocking, and crying they've got nothing on 4-year-olds. Tonight was a fairly typical one with Henry during which I read several books and laid with him until he fell asleep. He generally does so very quickly and I enjoy the time with him for the most part. There tends to be a bit of chatter and conversation but tonight it went on for longer than usual. For about 20 minutes there were many statements, firm declarations and simple "whys" but I decided to focus on the questions. I think I got most of them in the right order. I'm sure I forgot a few but as you can see it became quite a challenge at some point, particularly as I tried to control my own existential crisis and he inspired it further.

What are other forms of transportation? What else? What else?
What else has wheels?
Why do people get dead?
Who is dead?
Who do we know is dead?
Where were we before we were born?
Who took care of us before we were born?
Why is the world in space?
Why is the earth heavy but it floats?
What is under the earth?
What holds the planets together?
What is gravity?
No, REALLY, what is gravity?
What do yellow bellied sap suckers do during the day?
Do they fly south?
Why is it warm in the south?
Why can't we see the arctic?
Why do great horned owls sleep at night?
Do I sometimes watch movies about reading and talking?
What day will it be tomorrow?
Did you go to sleep, mom?
Did you stop talking?

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