Saturday, November 15, 2008


I suppose it might be worth mentioning a bit of blog housekeeping for my very few remaining readers. I went through quite a posting dry spell earlier in the year. As I have mentioned, it has been a rough one. I haven't felt like myself. I have been a bit overwhelmed. I lost my voice, not literally, in case that wasn't obvious, but although I have met some people I adore through blogging and gotten closer with a coupe of people I already knew, I was starting to feel like every time I sat down to write a post I was writing it with a few people in mind. These people have different opinions and perspectives and lives and some I don't even know. This is all part of the blogging deal but it became an inhibitor for me. I was as interested in getting comments as I was in the experience of writing or the record keeping I am doing, both of which were the primary reasons I started to write online.

So, in an attempt to make the process more fun again and make me feel freer to write what am thinking and not what people might want to hear I closed comments. It feels odd to post without the chance for dialogue but right now I am just happy to be posting again and will review the features and limitations of the blog medium again I'm sure.