Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i take my commitments seriously

Well, some of them. I don't know why I;m committed tot his posting every day thing this month but I am. I fell asleep with Henry at 7, woke up at 11:20, read and responded to some annoying email, brushed my teeth and have been laying in bed ruminating on those emails for about 15 minutes. Right as I decided that I would focus very hard on falling asleep (a dubious prospect in its own right), I remembered the commitment and looked at the clock. 11:52 and here I am without time to even compose a decent thought.

I can say that I have been spending too much brain power the last few days thinking and talking about Henry's school. It is going through a major transition/crisis and people are behaving badly. His pre-school program is great and safe but the grade school is a serious mess full of personal grudges and frustrations. Unfortunately I am entangled with a number of volunteer efforts that are now left hanging through an administrative transition and organizational chaos. I am trying to extricate myself as I am not at all pleased with the way things are being managed. A big part of the reason we thought we might stay with the school was the community but with so many people making gut-level decisions without any sense of the big picture, it's no longer a community worth the trouble for me at this moment. I have enough chaos in my life right now. So, off to bed w/2 minutes to spare. Hopefully I can put this all aside for the night. God knows it will all still be here tomorrow.