Friday, November 14, 2008

point of view

Today my mom said something about hoping I feel better soon and I said something vague about being resigned to not feeling great for a month or so (because I am trying to get over some health issues with symptoms that may very well get worse as I am getting better). From there the conversation went something like this:

her: No way. Not again!

me: Uh, no. I'm never having another baby.

h: Oh, thank God. I was thinking there's no way I could handle that.

m: No, there's no way I could handle it.

I think that sums up one of my biggest problems with my mother. She can and does make everything about her. The funny (not ha ha funny) thing is that she has no idea and I'm pretty sure she would say the same thing about me. I can't count the number of times she has (what feels like) one upped me on parenting issues. And it never comes across like she's tryign to be helpful or commiserate, just compete. It could be my perception but she makes it hard to think so.

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