Sunday, July 15, 2007

making bedtime a joy

Tonight, in the course of putting Henry to bed, he requested/whined/demanded in the following order:

“I can have a snack.” 87 times
“I want a snack.” 93 times
“I want cough syrup.” and the close cousin, “I need syrup for my cough.” Maple, perhaps would have worked? 62 times
“I want pee (or “pee pee” thrown in for variety) candy.” 165 times (many of which were on the verge of a crying meltdown)

The number of requests is approximated but I am not exaggerating. If I were exaggerating I would have said he repeated the last one at least 4,000 times. Because that’s what it felt like.

In addition, he just rolled over (having been asleep for a little over an hour) and moaned, “I can have it” 5 times before falling back asleep. Even in his sleep, he is nothing if not persistent.

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Blogger kristin said...

oh, oh, oh...i have my own persistent one at home...i hope and trust that his dissatisfied persistence will be used for making the world a better place someday...but, is hard...keep on!

7/16/2007 8:20 PM  

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