Tuesday, July 03, 2007


As I was just laying in bed with a sick, sleeping (finally) kid and a grumpy not sleeping baby, wishing she would fall asleep so I could do so myself, I had a daydream about something I didn’t even know how much I missed. Lunch. Or more specifically, lunch out, preferably with good company. Actually, it would not be inaccurate to say that I simply miss eating in the middle of the day while not standing and holding a small person. It has been years since I worked in an office (at all consistently) with people whom I consider friends. At both of my downtown, professional jobs things were often hectic and at the architecture firm I sometimes worked long hours and knew far too much about the crazy inner workings of the owner’s minds. But there was pretty much always that hour or half hour in the middle of they day when we would step away from it all and eat a burrito or middle eastern food or sushi or a sandwich from the ironic hipster café. Sometimes we bitched about work (probably a lot of the time) and sometimes we just chatted about whatever. Even just taking a short walk to the row of food carts behind our building and eating at my desk while screwing around on the internet was somewhat of an event. These days, when I am juggling kids all day and fitting in work (that I don’t want to be doing yet) and groceries and meals and cleaning, just having a break in the middle of the day sounds like such a luxury, let alone a break with good food and friends. I promise that if I’m ever afforded such a simple luxury again I will not take it for granted.

In only topically related news, I took both kids out for lunch a few weeks ago. To a sit down restaurant. By myself. It was not relaxing one bit but the food was good and I felt like super woman.

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Anonymous Andy said...

I miss any meal I can eat with two hands.

And good for you - I haven't attempted to try a solo restaurant meal yet.

7/03/2007 10:17 PM  
Blogger Lynanne said...

ahhh, i miss those days too :( It's probably thte biggest reason why I feel so isolated now. The work "friends" have gone on with their jobs and lives and I'm trapped at home or eating at a "kid" friendly restaurant for lunch. I don't know that i want to go back but I still miss it.

7/04/2007 11:53 AM  

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