Thursday, June 14, 2007

mired in

In the umpteenth installment of toddlers are weird, Henry and I just had a five minute conversation about how we were going to go out and get a snack (“delicious!” he said) and go to a park. He suggested that we get hamburgers and french fries and mustard and strawberry milkshakes. He said he wanted to go to a park with lots of kids and slides and swings. While that wasn't exactly what I had planned, Mia has been on a sleep strike all afternoon and he took a short nap and I am feeling nuts so going on a drive and getting the hell out of the house sounds pretty good to me. So, I suggested we put some shorts on him and go (right after we talked about all of this at length and I pretty much agreed to all of his suggestions, whether or not I was going to follow through on all of them) and he looked at me with a sad, injured look in his eyes and said that he wanted to stay home with me and Mia. Oooookay. So, here we are. Still in the house. Thankfully, Mia just finally fell asleep in the swing to I didn’t have to push it. When Jason gets home I am so out of here (if only for a few minutes).

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