Monday, November 27, 2006

rubbing me the wrong way

It’s day 6 of the visit and I am officially sick of Jason’s parents. I appreciate them taking care of Henry but trying to work at home today whole they did so was not a good idea. They leave tomorrow night and not a moment too soon. I hate that I get this way but it seems that no matter how short the visit (and I don’t consider this short) I can barely make it through the last day without feeling grumpy and snappy, particularly at his mom. They are nice people who try to help and are great with Henry but I simply can’t help but become the most easily annoyed person on the planet in their presence. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to travel and have had some control over things in our house. Henry slept like crap last night and didn’t want to go down at all tonight so I am hoping that a little more normalcy will help smooth things out for us all. I’m crossing my fingers for a decent night to end it all tonight.



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