Saturday, November 18, 2006

identity issues?

We all know that toddlers commonly speak in the third person. Henry has been dong so for about a year and we have become quite used to his statements and requests, e.g. “Henry eat apple” or “Henry wants to play trains.” Tonight however he again threw us for a loop. Jason and I were making our bed and Henry was hanging out in his crib playing peekie-book (have I mentioned that he is renaming things? It is no longer peek-a-boo in this house according to him) when Henry said, “daddy, get little boy out of crib.” We laughed and asked who the little boy was and he said “Henry!” Later he said, “little boy hiding under bed,” while he hid under the covers in our bed. Sort of funny but the more I replay it the more it freaks me out. Sort of split personality/horror movie like and usually he says “Henry big boy” anyway if the topic comes up. He is starting to say “I” and “me” on occasion and I’m not actually worried but I hope he doesn’t keep this up. I have enough bad dreams lately already.



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