Friday, November 17, 2006

the day's comedy

I picked Henry up this afternoon from my mom’s and made a couple of stops including Trader Joe’s. I am definitely not ready to have him wandering by my side through a crowded store. He yelled for cookies half of the time and people just aren’t accustomed to navigating around a two and a half foot tall person, even a well-behaved one. In any case, Henry and I got home and I went back out to the car to get a few more things. When I came back in he ran into the room with his Trader Joe’s balloon in hand somewhat out of breath. Of course, I asked what he had been doing and he he said, “whack dee dee balloon. Piss off dee dee.” I thought I must be hearing things but no, he repeated that he had been hitting the dog with the balloon and pissed her off. I found her hiding under the bed to corroborate the story. I can still hardly believe it. As I have said, I am constantly surprised that he hasn’t picked up many, if any, “bad words” but saying that he pissed off the dog strikes me as so random. He later repeated it to Jason. Generally he and the dog do pretty well together so I’m not too worried about whacking part but I am working with him on being nice to her all of the time.

On a completely different topic, Henry also cracked me up tonight at the dinner table. Jason got up to get something out of the kitchen and I turned around to talk to him, then as I turned my head back to the table I caught Henry in the corner of my eye stabbing a whole steak off the serving plate and putting it on his own. I guess he was hungry and I can’t really blame him. It was really good steak.



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