Thursday, November 09, 2006

happiness comes from funny places

Sometimes I feel like such a sucker. I haven’t been feeling terribly thrilled about things in general lately (which has definitely changed since the cursed headaches went away). A few days ago we went to a local kitchen store for some tongs for Henry so he would stop taking mine from the kitchen. This isn’t the point I am getting to but the kid is amazing with kitchen tongs. He can pick up practically anything big or small around the house with them and amuses himself to no end eating veggie booty with them piece by piece. We found the tongs and then wandered for a few minutes. Nothing thrilling until I came upon the section of the store filled with Christmas stuff. I felt like the old kid in the candy store but not because I particularly wanted anything. All of the shiny red and green decorations and tableware and gadgets made me happy. Today I went into Starbucks for the first time in as long as I can remember. This is the sucker part of the post. I seriously found myself standing in Starbucks feeling joyful and spirited. Usually I find all of the holiday retail crap cheesy and annoying and too early but this year I guess I am just ready for it. It’s not the stuff itself but the reminder that a time I enjoy is right around the corner. Henry is going to love having a Christmas tree this year and we know we’re not traveling this year so the pressure is off. The promise of some down time with my little family (and probably some visiting relatives) is really appealing to me right now and if corporate America has to be my reminder of that, so be it.


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