Saturday, November 11, 2006

falling into place

Things do seem to be looking up around here. I am feeling much better, if still a bit more tired than I would like. I just hired a new employee to replace a really bad one who just quit and I am really excited about the new person. She came through a recommendation from a friend and if everything works out this will be one of the easiest employee searches ever. I am going to have to be in the office quite a bit more for a month or so training her and the childcare issue was stressing me out. I finally sucked it up and called someone I thought had potential (she has done some other things for me) and she is totally available and happy to do a couple days a week at our house. I can’t imagine an easier or better childcare situation for us at the moment. I just wasn't able to put out an ad and find someone I didn’t already know in some capacity at this point, particularly given that this should be a somewhat short term situation. It looks like my plan to cut back hours a bit at the beginning of the year is falling into place better than I had imagined. I am appreciative of it all to say the least.

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