Sunday, April 04, 2010


Given that it's stormy and cold and not at all lovely we have been inside for the last couple of days. Easter was no exception but the whole affair (focused on a breaking and entering rabbit much more than anyone rising from the dead) turned out to be pretty fun. Jason and I went a little nuts with craft projects for the kids and turned the egg hunt into a scavenger hunt form one egg to the next with little pictures. My parents came over for brunch and we probably made the kids wait too long but I was hell bent on them eating a good meal before getting into their "natural" jelly beans in the eggs. We also we not clear enough about the whole easter bunny thing in terms of what he did and didn't do and Henry, alway the practical one, had dozens of questions about how a bunny could do anything but he clearly wants to believe so I was, as usual, noncommittal and vague and we'll let that go one more year. Mia on the other hand is still waiting for this mystical bunny because she wants to "chase him around the house" and can't imagine anything more fun or how things could possibly work any other way.



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