Tuesday, March 02, 2010

a different day

Last night I was feeling sort of ho hum when I posted and then a couple hours later got an email from my nanny (and friend) that she needs to change her life and quit working for us. I got all wrapped up in planning for the change and stayed up way too late over-thinking everything before we even had a chance to talk. Then I got annoyed at Jason for falling asleep on the couch and went off to bed. I am usually asleep before 11 but the hours passed by and I got up to take Henry to the bathroom around 1. It was almost 2 am as I was about to fall asleep and then Mia started screaming and didn't really stop. She was super hot and inconsolable and thought she was going to throw up. I ended up "sleeping" with her for the rest of the night, getting kicked and yelled at every hour, and waking up at 5:30 when Henry did. We didn't have the nanny come over and I did get a nap with Mia this morning but needless to say I am a complete wreck and got very little work done. Amazingly I did cook several things from scratch for dinner and half cleaned the kitchen. That's about all I can claim for the day. I am off to pass out now and desperately hope that I won't be beckoned before 6 am. Knock on wood. I hear Henry coughing a bit now so my hopes may be dashed but I have learned not to worry about that for now at least.



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