Monday, March 01, 2010

goodbye, dark days

February was a long short month. We had some lovely, sunny and warmish days so I can hardly complain about the usual grey and cold but still, it is winter. I haven't been out much, socially that is, and I've been holed up trying to get things organized, including our finances and closets. The kids just had low level colds and have been crabby as hell. I can't help but notice around school and online how many people I know are making trips to Hawaii, Mexico, South America. Some day I vow to have the time, foresight and money for a tropical vacation in the middle of winter myself. My hormones have been a train wreck for no good reason but I think I'm finally on the other side of that so things may be looking up from my perspective, which is probably the most influential one in this little house in the end. Work is drudgerous even though I have it really, really easy all things considered. Spring, I need you. The lovely crocus and daffodils in our yard certainly help. Henry was starting to drift off to sleep the other night and asked when the tarragon would be back (the kid is a fanatic for it straight off the bush) and it was so nice to show him the next morning how it is poking through the ground, sprawling across the bits of previous years' old growth. If I can only keep the kids from demolishing it leaf by leaf before it gets big and strong that will be a feat. So, very little things here to start but maybe with the status quo out of the way I can move forward with more interest, fun and introspection. Well, maybe not so much introspection. I think there's been plenty of that to go around, I'm just not writing it down.



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