Friday, February 13, 2009


I am feeling better today. The dam of impediments to progress seems to have given way at least a bit. I just went live with a huge web project I have been working on for months and it feels good. It went up with little trouble and is such a joy to work with compared to our old site. I have been dealing with web store and credit card processing technical glitches for weeks and everything finally came together. It has all really been weighing on me and is such a relief. At home, we are starting to move into the new office and it is going to be quite nice. It is interesting how things are starting to come together on multiple fronts all at the same time. The kids are well-settled in their new room and have fallen asleep together for the past few nights with minimal protest. Hooray for progress! I spotted the card reader in the bathtub today so I will get to posting some photos of it all soon.

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