Thursday, February 05, 2009

baby with butter

I am in a mood, no mood to write about much of anything. I figured I would just put up a cute photo of the kids but upon inspection of the photo library I have come to discover how few photos I have taken lately. Also, the most recent aren't even loaded off the camera on account of our remodeling project that has me at a temporary desk in the dining room and no idea where the card reader is. So, that's all less than thrilling. Here is an old photo, 4 months old, of Mia looking so tiny and sweet with her short hair, eating butter. It was frozen that I had just pulled out to make ghee and let her help me unwrap and put in the pot. She had other ideas. And then I took it away and all hell broke loose (the last shot is just a warm up). This is one of my favorite little series (there are actually 10 shots) of her but I hesitated to post it. Because, you know, I am admitting to letting my kid eat straight butter.

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