Tuesday, February 03, 2009

at my limit

Well, one limit. I have many levels of limits on my sanity depending on the situation, how tired I am, what I have eaten, etc. Life is fine. Really, just fine, even good and some things are great but little things are stacking up to make me nuts. Work deadlines full of technical issues beyond my control, in-laws visiting, house construction, a bat-shit-crazy long-term freelance client who hinges her business success on my availability, in-laws visiting, the echo left bouncing around in my head from earlier kid melt downs, the late hour of the evening...so, I am going to do some deep breathing and visualize a calmer day. This is another pattern that happens when Jason's parents visit- I am a complete jerk the entire trip and then feel bad about it on the last day and try to overcompensate by being really nice and end up feeling like an even bigger jerk for it. Ug. Bed is calling my name and I am responding.

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