Thursday, February 12, 2009

unlimited possibilities

I don't really believe that watching tv kills kid's imaginations but I have always found the argument that tv story lines limit the possibilities for imagination. The same can be said for books, really. In any case, here is little Henry anecdote that makes the point but, moreover, is just something cute I want to remember. I'm not sure it will come across in writing but here it is. henry was playing with our neighbor who is 5 and they were playing Star Wars. henry has never see it (or any movie really) and the neighbor kid, J, was telling him that there could only be one Darth Vader. henry was trying to explain that, "if we WANT there to be more than one Darth Vader then there can be. We can both be Darth Vader." J got increasingly agitated and started yelling that, "no! there can only be one Darth Vader. One! one! one! one! one! Henry looked slyly at our nanny and asked, "What is that? Five?" Already a smart ass at 4.5 but also just plain smart.

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