Monday, November 10, 2008

lather. rinse. repeat.

Positing every day is not difficult. Posting something interesting every day is. Some days it is at least. I had a usual busy Monday at work after being up a few times last night with a coughing Henry. I got home and was told that the lantern walk (Waldorf ceremony thing) was tonight so I got the kids to eat as much random food from the fridge as I could and we bundled them up. the walk was not terribly well organized and afterword Henry wanted to stay at the park and play in the dark. We came home, got the kids to bed and now I am spacing out in front of my computer trying to get myself to do revisions on a couple of layout projects. I plan to get through one and do the other one in the morning between dropping kids off at pre-school, taking Mia to a doctor's appointment and a working on my real job. All I want to do is crash so this is all I have for now.