Sunday, November 30, 2008

30 days

Well, posting every day for 30 days wasn't so hard but not something I feel I should continue. I think about 50% of my posts were the sort of thing I would post regularly, another 25% were forced but worthwhile and the rest were filler. Nonetheless, it was satisfying and now I just have to figure out how to keep up some momentum. Not having comments is a little weird but still for the best for now.

The last few days have been nice. Weekends lately have actually been sort of tough with too many things to do and non-stop kids on hand. I feel sad sayign that but it's true. They aren't bad but just hectic and somewhat unsatisfying for Jason and me and probably the kids, although they seem to love spending time with us no matter what. Go figure. So, I wasn't sure how 4-days off in a row would be. Without really planning ti we struck a nice balance of family time, friend time, time alone (each adult) and adult time alone together. We got a fair amount done project and cleaning-wise and cooked a bunch and got a decent amount down time to relax and enjoy the kids and each other. Just really nice.

Today we drove 40 minutes out of town to the tree farm we have been visiting for 4 years. The family is charming,t he trees are very nice and well-priced, and the view is beautiful. Every single year I contemplate the whole tree cutting down business but now that Henry is so enthusiastic about the whole process I have a feeling we will be keeping the tradition. he was thrilled about ornaments! ornaments! and we got the tree mostly decorated this afternoon. Mia, of course, has no value for ornaments hanging on the tree, out of her little hands and mouth. It is going to be a challenge but we left off a lot of the glass ornaments this year and hung the less fragile stuff toward the bottom. In addition to her frequent ornament displacement, Henry is a terrible ornament clumper so, once again, I have to give up my perfectionist tendencies, and really, I'm okay with that.

Henry had such a great time leading Mia by the hand to show her all of the trees. So cute.

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