Tuesday, September 05, 2006

short update

Life is crazy and busy and the same as usual. I have been sleeping like hell and am too tired to write anything interesting. Henry is very funny and cute and happy making lately. I am looking into daycare or babysitter options and am feeling a bit put out by the whole thing. I have to leave the house for an all day meeting at 7:20 tomorrow morning that is being held in a fancy law office. I found one outfit I could passably fit myself into. It will work but I am none to happy about the whole thing for a few reasons. Awkwardness and possible boredom being top of the list. I haven’t been to the gym in a week and I am trying to crunch through some graphic design work at the moment even though I’m really not feeling it. My client just emailed me that color of some text on the latest draft “is great, but I'd like it in a fun font....modern, elegant, chic, fun, weird.” Really now, what in the fuck am I supposed to do with that? I’ll take any suggestion you’ve got.


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