Saturday, August 26, 2006

henry the two year old

This wasn’t intended as a post but since all I have been doing is complaining here lately and haven’t written much about my favorite subject, here is more than you likely care to know about Henry in his most recent incarnation:

August, 2006

Dear Henry,
In the absence of a detailed baby book, your daddy and I sat down to write a few observations about you now that you are two years old. You are so much more and do so much more than this list but here are a few things that come easily to mind when we think of the little person you are these days.

You are a very sweet happy boy most of the time.
You are good at throwing and kicking a ball.
You like to hit big golf balls with your little clubs and are getting better all the time.
You love to draw, particularly with a purple marker. You ask me to “purple draw” and often draw circles and tell us about them as you draw.
You play with Play doh almost every day.
You eat a diverse range of foods, including many vegetables such as beets and beans and tomatoes.
Your favorite foods are sushi and macaroni and cheese.
You are quite social and say “hi” and “bye” to people most everywhere we go.
You like to share (toys, food) with other kids and adults.
You love all things related to trains and are very good at putting together and playing with your wooden trains. You point out engines and cabooses.
You love the park, especially climbing up and sliding down slides.
You put on and take off your “green shoes” by yourself.
You make little jokes and laugh at them.
You like tractors and construction equipment and can tell different kinds apart.
You like to tell us how big things are with enthusiasm.
You love having us read books to you and repeat back content and look for specific pages.
You are great at picking out images in “I spy” books.
You have eaten pounds of berries (blue berries, strawberries and currants), peaches, and tomatoes this summer.
You love going to G.G. and Bop Bop’s house and have spent the night there 3 times over the past year.
You are interested in bikes and motorcycles and school buses and fire engines.
You follow Dee Dee around and try to play with her.
You have excellent fine motor skills and are very accurate with a spoon and fork.
You have been drinking out of an adult cup without spilling for a very long time.
You flew on airplanes several times this summer and loved every minute of it.
You are good at remembering and repeating people’s names.
You know all of your body parts.
You like Blue’s Clues and Teletubbies (“tubbies”).
You name grocery stores and specific restaurants and the library when we drive by them.
You say “Henry’s turn” when you want to do something.
You roll your eyes when something is funny as well as just to make us laugh.
You say “oh yeah” frequently.
You pick words out of songs and try to sing along.
You love the big bad wolf song and ask to hear it daily.
You like to give hugs and kisses, and most recently, butterfly kisses.
You can count to ten but like to stop at six even when there are more or fewer items.
You know colors accurately (blue, yellow, orange, white, pink, purple, black) but are calling red green lately and making us wonder if you can tell the difference.
You don’t like raw greens like lettuce, or onions in miso soup, or bean sprouts in pad thai.
You don’t like going to bed on occasion.

As we came to the end of our list we realized that we hadn’t written down anything you don’t like and we had a hard time coming up with much. You a truly a very easygoing person. The last two were all we could think of. No wonder we think you are so amazing!

Mama and Daddy



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