Monday, July 24, 2006

sorely lacking inspiration (and air conditioning)

I swore that I wouldn’t write a post complaining about the weather but it has been too damn hot for too damn long. I simply can’t wake up to another morning in a house that has only cooled down to 82 degrees at 7 in the morning (after being open all night with fans galore strategically (theoretically) placed for maximum cooling). We don’t have air conditioning and have never felt we needed it (and have been holding out for vague and likely unfounded moralistic reasons) but last week I decided we should get a window unit for the shared bedroom for all of our sanity and comfort. Wouldn’t you know that every single major retailer in town has been sold out of all such air conditioners? So, we are suffering through and Henry is not sleeping well, which is making me a bit nuts. The worst part is that I am such a planner through and through that I could deal with the original forecasts but the cool weather just isn’t coming like “they” said it would and I don’t even know when/trust that an end is in sight.

Moving on. I have been musing about what I should be posting lately. Should in a very general sort of way that is. I don’t have any big agenda or rules for myself with regard to content, which is probably obvious. I keep thinking of post topics but feel like they have all be done recently. I am too lazy to link to an example but recent thoughts have included:

Things Henry won’t eat
Henry is now eating anything all the time
Henry’s new sleep habits are making me insane
Crazy, annoying things Henry has been doing lately
New words/phrases Henry is saying
Henry can count now
Henry knows colors now
Jason and I never spend enough time together
Damn it is hot out
Will I ever grow out of being annoyed by my mom?
The cutest thing in the world that Henry now does just like almost every other child his age does
Should I get pregnant/am I pregnant/do I want to be pregnant?

While these are all (or mostly) reasonable, relevant topics, I feel like I have read about each and every one on someone else’s blog recently. In and of itself, that isn’t keeping me from posting as well but lately I feel like my life is so textbook. Even the drama and ups and downs are pretty much the same ones everyone else is going through. That is the way with all of life I suppose, and blogging about it should make me feel connected to other people and create solidarity and commonality but at the moment it just all feels really uneventful and a bit boring. If you could look up 31-year-old, part-time employed, married white female with 2-year-old son, living in comfortable neighborhood in liberal city (that is way too fucking hot at the moment) in NW united states you would find everything you need to know abut my life. This is not a bad thing at all but I feel like in the absence of an insanely cute Henry anecdote or unexpected event I have little to work with at the moment. Perhaps it’s just the heat and if the lying bastards ever stop lying and it actually cools down around here I will come up with something more inspiring.


Anonymous supersugarstar said...

the heat is killing us, too. sleeping in my room at night is the worst, the upstairs is at least 20 degrees hotter than the rest of the house. and we do have air, but we've been trying to *conserve*, so it's only running at 80-85 degrees or so, which does help a bit, but not like i'd like it to.

it's supposed to cool down to 62 degrees tonight. well, actually at 5 am tomorrow morning, but i'm not holding my breath. i'm guessing that i'll be soaked in sweat when i wake up tomorrow morning, too.

7/24/2006 6:59 PM  
Blogger HeatherJ said...

It was so hot this past weekend and the beginning of the week was a cooling trend at 85? We went out last week and got a portable unit, but I never wanted to leave the bedroom.

It is great that things are so dull, it is better than having major things to complain about, plus it makes us other mamas out there know that life is not tons of excitement all the time. We don't feel so alone.

7/28/2006 11:25 PM  

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