Wednesday, June 21, 2006

now with 20% more perspective!

I feel compelled to write that we are alive but not quite all well. Henry was fine for the travel day and the following day and then barfy again and then fine. I waited until we landed back in Portland to get icky sicky myself and then felt fine for a day and now not so fine. Weird virus. I am buried and catching up and trying to finish big projects and start new ones and get ready for our next little jaunt to the midwest next week! I feel like I need about a week of sleep and it not going to happen. I am taking it slow at the moment though and, damn, it is so good to be home. I have about a million possible posts following the very intense grandmother visit but I may just push it all to the deep recesses of my mind and try to forget for now. I learned some good life lessons but I’m not sure I am ready to process them all at the moment. We’ll see. She did love Henry and was very grateful to see him and have our help. Henry loved the airplane travel and was a perfect passenger. So, really, I think it was all worth it. Just don’t let me try that particular trip again anytime soon.



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