Friday, November 06, 2009


It's simply amazing what part or a day without kids can do for me. They are spending the night with my parents and left late afternoon. Jason and I cooked an early dinner together, which was quite good. It's the first time I can remember spending the evening at home doing normal things while the kids were away. Usually we eat out, see people, or do projects around the house. We watched Away We Go, which I quite enjoyed. It was perfectly odd and quirky and emotional without being wrenching or upsetting or overwhelmingly happy either. I cried multiple times but not too hard. It was touching. As surreal and strange as it all was, it felt very real. Also we liked the sound track. Two thumbs up. And, it's not even very late now. I am going to fold a few clothes and go to bed, tired and happy. Things would be perfect if we didn't have to get up and go to meetings at Henry's school, but that's life. I may not get to sleep in or clean as much as I would have hoped, but actually, things are still pretty great.

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