Sunday, February 01, 2009

day one

Here I am again with my self-imposed daily posting. It has been a busy weekend with Jason's parents visiting. Jason and his dad are putting in wood flooring in our old office in the first step toward converting it to the kid's new bedroom. It is looking good but keeping the kids out of their hair and having a sane few days has been a challenge. Our bathroom is packed full of things that used to reside in our old office and every extra corner in the house is occupied with boxes and tools and such. A little crazy making but I am a fan of progress. This is the last floor in the house to be replaced or redone since we moved in 6 years ago so that is satisfying. It's also the first room that we are really creating for the kids. Henry's present room is half guest room (mostly used by Jason's parents every few months) but is a decent room for him to sleep in. Mia is still with us. I am looking forward to moving them both into their own space and actually setting it up in an organized, functional way instead of just cobbling it together. It's sort of like planning the nursery I/they never had because I was too practical. Now, that they can enjoy and appreciate it and I can make my life easier it is much more fun.

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