Wednesday, December 31, 2008

focusing on the ending, looking toward a new beginning

Since I am not out celebrating, or doing much of anything on this last evening of 2008, I feel that I should be doing some sort of year in review. It goes something like this. 2008 was hard and tiring. I didn't feel as good as I wanted to and I didn't behave as well as I would like to have. Despite all of this I am blessed with a life that is much harder in my head than in reality. In fact, my life is quite nice and lovely in many ways. I think I did a good job of recognizing this frequently but sleep deprivation and stress and frustration on many levels made for many fewer truly happy moments than there could have been in the last year. I hit bottom and I am thankful that I can see it safely behind me at the moment.

Given the relative state of the world, I have things very easy and am incredibly thankful for my kids, husband, parents and in-laws, nanny, boss/co-workers and friends. I have a lot of flexibility in my weeks and days and am starting to appreciate that for what it is. Work looks good for 2009, challenging but exciting. Family has been rough around the edges but I am feeling a renewed sense of love and hopefulness about the future. I am moving forward with compassion and determination to make life more fun, easier, more peaceful, for myself and those around me. I have high hopes for each day. Happy 2009.

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