Monday, December 29, 2008


I started out the Christmas season as it were with an optimistic list of crafts. I finished most of them but it was a real crunch when I got a nasty cold a week before Christmas that lingered until Christmas Eve. I barely finished the many soft trees in time to give some away and have a small forest of my own to display.

I had high hopes for garland made out of felted wool balls but even though I started this one over a month in advance, the red roving was a huge pain in the ass and I ran out of steam. Now I have a nice big pile of little felt balls to put aside for completion next year.

We didn't buy many presents for the kids since they don't really need much and we knew our parents would be giving them some toys. I did make them each big felt balls and a set of beanbags for Henry. Hell, the chocolate coins in their stockings probably would have been good enough.

We did have a moment of concern when we realized that we were practically snowed in and there was a chance that my parents wouldn't make it and neither would the gifts from Jason's parents. I wasn't at all worried by the small number of gifts but at Henry's increasing questions about Santa Claus. I never planned on doing the Santa thing. I don't feel right lying to him but as time has passed I feel like an even bigger jerk for robbing him of this idea that excites him so much. So, I mostly evade the questions and casually ask how he thinks it works. He has his theories, particularly about our lack of a chimney. So, getting to the point, on Christmas morning he excitedly announced that Santa had brought him beanbags. He is seriously logical and aware for a 4-year-old so it surprised me when he gleefully announced that the beanbags Santa brought were in the same fabric as my trees. Uh, the fabric he had helped pick out a month before. Hmmm. I still find it surprising but he is too young and transparent to be playing along. He believes and as much as I hesitate on the whole issue his joy really is lovely.

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