Wednesday, June 02, 2010

now 2

Now, I am full of Thai food and hoping it didn't have any wheat (soy sauce) in it. I am not looking forward to bedtime, which I should be initiating any minute. I wish I didn't have to keep knowing, seeing, hearing about the oil spewing into the ocean but it seems to be a popular topic and unavoidable one around here. More, I wish it wasn't happening in the first place. I just finished the first crossword puzzle of the day and have more graphic design work to look forward to instead of relaxing tonight. Right now Mia is yelling at me about how her hand is missing in a little black velvet bag and has moved on to trying to stuff my mouse into it as I type. Henry is bouncing a big purple ball and holding forth on the details of the behaviors of people in the lego development he just finished. I really hope the kids go to sleep without much fuss and trauma tonight.

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