Saturday, May 29, 2010

morning play

Often the kids play for awhile before we get out of bed depending on how early they wake up. Lately that have been sleeping in great (7:20 woohoo) but not the last couple of mornings so I told them to play quietly.

day 1:
M: let's build a hot house.
H: no, the heat's not on.
H: do you want to play with tracks (car)?
M: no.
H: let's go stare at the TV and pretend it's on.
M: okay!

On the following morning, they are up really early and mumbling stuff back and forth by my head when I tell them to go to their room. I remember dreaming about some random dialog and thinking I would write it down but then I forgot it altogether. Until, that is, I heard from Mia running into my room and right up to my ear, "maaaamaaaaaa, there's a bad pig in the hallway!" Right, "let's play bad pigs" was what I had forgotten. I have no idea what it means or where it came from but I'm pretty sure I will never forget it.

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