Tuesday, February 24, 2009

back to work

I was supposed to do a lot of work tonight (at home in front of the computer) but Henry fell asleep in the car this afternoon and, as predicted, took two hours to fall asleep. Much of that time he needed me since it would have been hell to try to put him to sleep with Mia so I put him in our bed. I should have just let him stay up for those 2 hours but I didn't. As I laid there, wishing he would just stop asking questions and go to sleep already, I composed cute little, well-crafted anecdote about each child from the last few days. Now, I am left with no time for that so here are the key pieces, the punch-lines if you will.

Today Henry called a SUV a USB. Ha. Raising kids in a world of technology and acronyms. Crazy.

Yesterday Mia put a bowl full of wooden mouse game pieces in the little toy kitchen oven. She closed the door, turned the dials, looked up at me and said, "cook. mice." and nodded. Genius? Maybe. Evil? Possibly. Adorable? Definitely.

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