Sunday, February 15, 2009


Mia has developed a curious verbal habit ever since I said the word "chippie" when asking if she wanted chips. Henry repeated it and chips became chippies. Baby talk essentially. Yet another reminder that I must watch what I say at all times around both kiddos.The funny thing is that without any other model she does it for most words. Hat is hattie, hot is hottie, drink is drinkie, ball is ballie. Sometimes. That's the thing I find interesting. She says words correctly sometimes and adds the ie for the same words other times. Even for a word she has never heard before, she will repeat it back with the ie tacked on. To make things really interesting she can hardly pronounce s or c sounds. It took us all several minutes tonight to figure out that when she was repeating "ickie" with increasing frustration at dinner that she just wanted more chicken. In an instant I understood why she kept refusing the napkin I was trying to give her. Ickie indeed.

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