Saturday, November 08, 2008

bra shopping with a 4-year-old boy

Henry's running dialog was more than amusing today: What kind of bra do you want? (looking around) A red one? A pink one? Why are those bras like that? Oh wow (reaching out and touching the bras as we passed the racks), these are comfy bras (padded satin). Why are all of these bras so comfy? Whoa, look at those bras. They're for huge boobs. You don't have boobs like that.

It was like he was saying the word "bra" as often as possible for comic effect, except that he wasn't. He was sincerely interested. It was hilarious. I didn't find anything that fit so I mentioned that I would go to a store in the mall to look. He said, "yeah, with me." So, there you go. We have our Sunday all planned out.