Monday, January 07, 2008


Mia is finally somewhat mobile and not just because her brother pushes her around in a wagon. On that note, I really wish I could impress upon him the importance of SLOW. Our littlest is lunging from sitting to laying on her belly and rolling back and forth across the floor, grabbing anything in her path. It is fun and adorable and only a little problematic. While Henry at that age had a couple stuffed toys and rattles to contend with, she is faced with the approximately 50 pieces of wooden train track and a dozen train cars, people, animals, etc., currently strewn across the office floor (the only carpet in the house). She doesn't seem to mind except when her head unexpectedly meets train track an even then it's usually not a big deal. Henry is not so laid back and frequently warns, "baby on the train track!" I mutter something about calming down and sharing and the day goes on. Crawling really will be fun.

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Anonymous Kristi said...

oh my, she is such a pretty girl!
I had much the same problem with Austin and Ryan when she (Ryan) was a baby. If you find a way to get him to take it slow with her, you need to bottle it and sell it. You'll make a fortune!

1/08/2008 2:35 PM  

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