Sunday, November 11, 2007

not ha ha funny

So, a few weeks ago I bought a new computer. Well, my employer paid for it but I get to have it at home. So very nice. So, we went to the Apple store the day after the new operating system came out, which was not the best plan but after a hectic hour with a really flaky sales dude and the kids, etc, we got out of there with my new imac computer. It is the first desktop computer I’ve had in many years but since my traveling days are over I was happy to realize that I could get a big monitor and actually save some money over a laptop. It is yet to be seen how this is going to work out when I am back in the office more but, whatever. Jason spent hours getting my files moved over and the new system installed. I put the kids to bed and came into the office to find him tinkering. He said, this is really nice but I want the 24”. And I said, duh, this is the 24”. And he said, no it’s not, as I frantically looked at the box to realize that it was actually the 20”, which was not what I asked for, multiple times I might add. Remember the flaky sales dude? Well, yeah, he sold me the wrong computer and there were at least 4 valid but totally boring reasons why I didn’t notice until hours later. The Apple store was very accommodating and Jason was my super hero and I had the new, huge computer on my desk that night. He, again, spent a bunch of time getting it set up.

So, I used it for a couple of weeks and on one hand was thrilled at it’s beauty and functionality and on the other hand was bleary-eyed and nauseated. The fucking thing was making me crazy. I couldn’t look at it for more than 10 minutes without averting my eyes and rubbing my head and moaning. Not so productive after all. So, this weekend I sucked it up on the last day possible (14 days after purchase) and paid a hefty restocking fee to return the 24” imac and get the 20” imac. Again. Perhaps the flaky sales guy knew something I didn’t and I should have left well enough alone that first day. I think I would have felt like I settled though and this way I know that I have as much monitor as I can take. What a colossal pain in the ass. For what it’s worth, which is not much, I am not alone. I did some googling and found a number of other people with the same complaint about that computer. Perhaps it’s the glare (super glossy) or the resolution (very high, making the text really small) or the radiation (?) or god knows what else. Here it is in all it’s glory on my messy desk. The new one is identical but so much more petite. My eyes are already thanking me and I’m pretty sure Jason is too since he won’t have to listen to so much bitching anymore. At least about that anyway.


Anonymous Kelley said...

I knew I liked you, fellow Mac user.

I lurve my pretty shiny new MacBook.... her name is Maya! But I am a laptop girl, forever.

11/12/2007 2:35 AM  
Anonymous Kristi said...

I have never used a Mac in my life. My daughter wants a laptop for Christmas and I think we're getting her an Apple to help with virus problems.

That's weird about it making you sick. Maybe its trying to tell you something...LOL

11/12/2007 6:42 AM  
Blogger mama without instructions said...

so far the 20 in. imac is awesome. i had various powerbooks for many years and can't believe i can't just put this one in my bag. it will take some getting used to for sure but for all the photoshop and indesign crap i do this should work well. i seriously wouldn't touch a pc if you paid me to. we installed parallels on this one to test web site code in a windows environment and it makes me a little squirmy.

kristi, she will love it!

11/12/2007 10:00 AM  

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