Wednesday, December 05, 2007

progress? maybe not

This is for dear reader Kristi who has been sweet enough to keep up with my 3-year-old’s goofy humor. Henry is no longer saying holy crap but this weekend, when presented a large piece of steaming cheese pizza, exclaimed, “this is freakin’ hot!” And, oh how he laughed. Then yesterday at lunch he told me he was going to “slurp the heck out of this!” I don’t remember what this was but again with the laughter. Every time he says something like that he asks us to take note. He gets that it’s a new and funny (to him) thing. I don’t really mind as I am prone to constant outbursts and have done a pretty good job dialing back the profanity. Mostly though he has proven to tire of the little exclamations and these should fall out of favor soon. The one thing he won’t drop though is all of the damn poop this and poopy that. He substitutes for words in songs constantly and cackles at his hilarity. That I am getting really sick of. All I can say is that the week-long visit with Jason’s parents and grandmother this month should be really interesting.


Anonymous Kristi said...

I guess I should keep going on and on with the "holy crap" stuff, but it really just cracks me up! I love his sense of humor... it reminds me so much of my own son who is now 20 (!!!!!).

I always look forward to reading your posts. It seems like forever since my kids were that little (it IS ofrever) but yours are roughly the same age difference as my son and daughter and it just brings back alot of memories.

Enjoy all the things that drive you nuts today. Before you know it, they move on to being smart asses.

Also, I'm amazed that you are able to handle all that you do. You must be a really great mom/wife. Keep it up!

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