Thursday, November 23, 2006


After a long day with the in-laws I am proud to say that we are all faring quite well. The combination of Jason’s parents and mine usually make me a bit crazy but today the worst it got was boredom. That was particularly an issue when pretty much everyone but me was crowded around one of three computers either playing games, playing inane music or searching for toy trains. Dinner was nice. I spent too much time and energy cooking since I insisted on also doing a somewhat time consuming breakfast and afternoon snacks/lunch in addition to dinner. But, it was all reasonably pleasant and no one ate too much or got drunk. At the moment I am too tired for much coherent thought or reflection but I am very thankful for what I have. I really do feel more and more fortunate every day. Well, most days anyway, and I am working on the happiness to match it. I am off to move a sleeping cherub out of my bed and crawl into the warm spot he leaves behind. Sweet dreams.



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