Sunday, June 06, 2010

now 6

It's amazing what a decent day can do for perspective. I am now sitting in a quiet house with sleeping kids. I'm contemplating washing some walls to do a little touch up painting but may not manage it. We moved furniture and it looks pretty ratty at the moment. With two kids and a dog I'm not too worried about upkeep these days but with Jason's extended family coming this week I am compelled to put in a little more effort than usual, particularly sine I am likely to enjoy the results more than anyone. On the other hand, I have a pile of basil that needs attention before I can go to bed. The walls may have to wait.

A funny thing about my kids and bugs that I can't get out of my head. This morning both of them came stomping into my room practically shaking with fear and angst about a spider on the couch. Later today Henry found a moth in a toy truck outside and freaked out. Mia asked him if it stung and then why he was worried about it. I think the flying is the unpredictable and concerning thing there. Henry is petrified of bees (and so is Mia to some degree) after being stung on the tongue by one last year. On the flip side, they are crazy (in a good way) for worms, slugs, millipedes, grubs (which I wouldn't touch with my bear hands if you paid me), pill bugs, ladybugs, etc. They pick them up and carry them around and baby them and put them in jars. It's not uncommon to overhear Henry telling someone about his new pet(s), by which he means a bug in a jar. I get the stinging, biting thing but otherwise there is some lack of consistency here that I find at least slightly interesting.

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